ETTU Welcome

Dear Friends,

Dear Supporters of European Table Tennis,

As the President of the European Table Tennis Union, it is my special honour and privilege to greet the participants of the 2016 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships.

The host country for this year’s competition is Hungary and the host city is the capital Budapest, which by the way, was also the location of the first European Championships in 1958.

Since that time, the Hungarian Table Tennis Association has organised many events. It is here where great tradition coincides with modern, high-level technical knowledge and know-how.

It is also necessary to mention the European Championships in 1982; it was held in a brand new sports hall in Budapest, and Hungary was the winner in both team events. That was the 3rd golden era of Hungarian table tennis. Just take a quick look at the European Table Tennis Hall of Fame exhibition around the playing venue, or on our website. It is no secret that this Hall of Fame is full of Hungarian genius and gifted players. I am not going to start listing them because surely it would take too long. In the past few months, I have been filled with pride and joy to have seen and met some of the living legends that still roam the sports hall today.

In addition to the high number of Hungarian Open tournaments during the 20th century, the Hungarian Table Tennis Association is today a successful host of many ITTF World Tour events on almost a yearly basis. Also, in the youth category Hungary has always been on the list of international youth opens. In 2004, Budapest was the host of a memorable European Youth Championships.

Having talked about the past, let us now have a look into the future. I believe that this year’s championships will not only see the superstars of today’s European table tennis, but some of the rising stars of tomorrow will also show up here.

Special thanks must be addressed to our title sponsor LIEBHERR, to our equipment supplier JOOLA and official balls supplier DONIC, as well as to all other sponsors. These partnerships are substantial and vital in making such a great international sports event come true.

I am looking forward once again to high-class competitions. I wish all fans, sponsors, media, organisers, umpires, coaches and players a nice stay in the beautiful city of Budapest to witness a successful event.

Ronald Kramer
European Table Tennis Union