General Secretary welcome

I would like to welcome you in the webpage of the Liebherr 2016 ITTF Table Tennis European Championships!

Organizing a European Championships is an important milestone in the life of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association, which proves that the decisions we have made recently is keeping us on the right track and we can be not only part of international table tennis life but can be one of the leaders in the field among the table tennis organizations with this European Championships organization and also with the already won bid for the 2019 World Championships.

We think it is espically important to organize international tournaments because based on research these competitions improve the state and reputation of table tennis in the organizing countries. We already put great emphasis to improve our mass base through school programs like “Sport Legyen a Tiéd” but we think it is important to show the greatest players Europe can offer to the students and we also made it free for them to attend the event.

In my opinion the European Championships will be worthy of the traditions of Budapest and the Hungarian Table Tennis and we will be a great host to thank the support and faith the international table tennis organizations has put into our association.

I hope this European Championships will bring as much joy to the viewers and spectators that we have put into in effort and energy organizing it.

Best regards,
Miklós Stocker Ph.D., General Secretary of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association