Muscle Building Tips

There are different ways of gaining weight and building muscles. These methods include the following

Maximizing muscle building

Your body will grow larger muscles by building more proteins. This process is known as protein synthesis. This is a process in which the body drains its protein reserves which are then used by other processes such as hormones making. This can greatly reduce the number of proteins needed in muscle building. This can be counteracted by storing and building new proteins at a fast rate.

Eating meat


The human body uses about one gram of protein in a day for every pound of its body weight. A man weighing 150 pounds should consume 150 grams of proteins on a daily basis. These proteins should be obtained from the different protein sources such as eggs, milk, cottage cheese, chicken, peanuts, and roasted-beef sandwich. The rest of the daily calories should be split equally between fats and carbohydrates.

Eating more

Apart from taking adequate proteins, you are required to have a high calories intake. The number of calories needed on a daily basis is dependent on the weight of a person. There is an online formula which can help you in calculating your daily calories requirements. Your body will show some positive results after two weeks. The amount of calories should be increased by 500 calories on a daily basis if a person does not gain weight or muscles by then.

Drinking milk before going to bed

Every person is advised to take a combination of proteins and carbohydrates before going to bed. This will provide your body with more calories and reduce the breakdown of proteins in the muscles. One can achieve this by taking a cup of milk or cottage cheese. You should eat gain after waking up in the morning.

Taking a snack of ice cream

You are advised to consume a snack of ice cream after your workout activity. This snack is helpful in boosting the insulin level something which other foods cannot do.

Eating something after every three hours


Failure to eat enough food can limit the protein building process. The number of calories needed by the body in a day should be met by the meals taken in a day. On average you should consume about 20 grams of proteins after every three hours.


Lifting weight

This will involve doing a full-body workout and then have a rest the following day. A workout session is helpful in increasing the protein synthesis. Resting will allow your muscles to grow.