The construction of Tüskecsarnok was completed after 20 years in 2014, and now it stands tall in the11th District of Budapest. The facility got its name from its characteristic, pyramid-like, six meter tall roof windows. On the one hand, this unique solution makes the arena very bright and clear, so during the day, artificial lighting is completely unnecessary – on the other hand, the lighting concealed within the “spikes” creates an unusual sight after dark. Representatives of about twenty sports can work out and play in the 4000-seat sport complex. The main hall is complemented by several smaller spaces, which means that four smaller and one bigger gym, two professional squash courts, a fitness room, hot tubs and saunas, all available to students for a discounted price. These are complemented by several dressing rooms, of which some – naturally – have disabled access. In addition to sport events, the building is perfectly suited for cultural events.