Why Mouth Guards Are Worth Considering

Good night sleep is essential for long-term health. Adults at an advanced age face major health risks and need all the help available to aid their sleep. If you are looking for assistance on ways to sleep better, you might have already gone through accessories you need in your bedroom including good pillows and a firm mattress. Besides these, you must also consider your blanket and your sleeping posture. Distractions and activities you do before bed also affect the speed at which you fall asleep and the quality of your sleep. Another breakthrough in sleep would be to use a sleep apnea mouthpiece for people diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. The following are the benefits of the sleep apnea mouth guard.

girl's hand on pillow

Minimize the Effects of Sleep Apnea

The accessory you put on the mouth will cause you to sleep better. There might be initial problems as you get used to sleeping with it on the mouth. However, the disturbance lasts only for a little while, and the additional benefit of not having to feel as though you are going to choke will feel much better than not having the mouthpiece. If you happen to grind your teeth, then the device comes with additional benefits of keeping your jaw aligned and preventing teeth contact. It eliminates the need to have the CPAP masks covering an entire face and making your partner feel awkward while sleeping next to you.


It Keeps Your Airway Open

The mouth guard uses a design that ensures your airway stays open while you sleep. It has a custom-fitting splint allowing it to wear in your mouth. You can think of a mouth guard used in the sport if you have no idea of how to use the one for sleep apnea. However, the purpose and final features of the design will differ according to your diagnosis. Furthermore, the shape of your mouth and jaw affect the final mold used to fit your mouthpiece.

It Helps to Align Your Jaw

mouth guard It shifts it forward slightly to keep it in place without blocking the space needed at the back end of the throat. Thus, your tongue and soft tissues get ample space to maneuver without blocking the airway. You would stop snoring using the mouthpiece.

Easy Practicality

The mouth guard is easy to wear, and it comes with a design specific to your needs. It is different and better than the CPAP masks most people used in their everyday battles with sleep apnea. Moreover, the guard on your mouth helps to lower daytime fatigue because you are not stretching your face muscles as you sleep. The normalized breathing also puts less strain on your lungs and airway. The mouthpiece is small enough to carry with you while traveling and you can have it on when you are on a long flight. You may even have it when traveling by road where there is a tendency to sleep on the bus, and it will not draw any unnecessary attention to you.…

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