Tips on How to Use the Wrist Wraps

There are no scarcities of attachments for Cross Fit runners today. Straps, wraps, lifting shoe, sleeves, knee, and belts are some of the familiar pieces of gadgets you will find on any active fitness athlete. According to me, wrist wrap is one of the most overused garrets of support gear. And the work of the wrist wrap is to give some support to joints of the wrist when a sports person is experiencing some heavy pressing from lifting an overweight object. In this process, the wrist can be dragged into an extension under results and load with a compromised injury, and mechanical lifts. The wrist is very important to an athlete or any other sports person, but I have realized that we do not correctly use the piece. Here are some few tips to help you and your friend get the best out of your training.

Warm up Without the Wraps

It is not wise to wear the wrist wraps when doing press up. I usually recommend that my team wear the kits only on the training that involve lifting of loads. You need less energy to lift your body weight during a warm-up most the power comes from your hands, and no harm is caused to the joints in the wrist. And we can only use this garret when we are dealing with something that can cause pressing of the wrist joint. Make sure that you do not use the wrist in any training to avoid over dependence. Becoming addicted to wraps a whole your exercise can limit the strength development of your extensors and flex ors.

Avoid Tying the Wrist Wraps too Low

Before even you think of using the wraps, first you should keep in mind that it is supposed to give some support to the wrist joints. Make sure the wrist wrap is in the right place for perfect results and enough creation of support and prevent excess joint extension. If you wrap the blanket below your wrist, then I can assure that the work of the wrap has just turned into a forearm bracelet that will only act as a bracelet but no support. For a perfect wearing, you can take your time and search online on the best and right way of wearing a wrap. Meanwhile, make sure that the cloth covers the wrist joint for a maximum functioning.

Always use the Right Type of Wrap

Wrist Wraps size that fits bestBefore you go out to buy the wrist wrap, it’s better than you know we have two types and the two types perform different functions. The Velcro and Strength wraps. The Velcro typically very thick and is used to provide support to wrist joints (our case). The strength wraps are thick also but used to cover ankles from getting injuries if the runner falls. I, therefore, recommend when lifting loads use the recommended brand and when other practices use the strength wraps.…

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Health Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen is one of the beneficial proteins in the human body. This protein is found in abundance in the in the blood vessels, tendons, skin, digestive system, and muscles. In fact, it constitutes more than 30 % of the total body proteins. This is the protein which gives the skin the much-needed elasticity and strength. It is also helpful in replacing the dead skin cells. The following are the main health benefits of collagen

Skin health

lady with earing

Collagen is one of the products which help in fighting the ageing process. This protein has been proven to boost cohesion, regeneration, and elasticity of your skin. Primarily, this protein is composed of amino acids glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline all o0f which are helpful in fighting the signs associated with ageing. In addition to this, collagen is beneficial in maintaining the health of the skin, boosting the skin’s smoothness as well as moisturizing the skin.

Bone and joint health

Collagen is great in repairing tissues, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain. The relief provided by this protein is similar to the one provided by cortisone and ibuprofen. Moreover, the glycine contained in collagen is helpful in promoting recovery and boosting wound healing.

Weight loss

Collagen protein is one of the best protein sources. Consumption of the collagen peptides in the morning can greatly help you in losing weight. This protein is available in the form of collagen shakes. Individuals who are overweight are advised to consume these shakes in the morning.

Digestive aid

Collagen is helpful in promoting the healing process of the digestive tract. Furthermore, it is used in fixing the mucous lining of the body. This will, in turn, make it easier for the digestive system to break down proteins and fats from foods.

Sleep tonic

sleeping baby on man's chest

Glycine found in collagen helps the neurotransmitters in the brain which boost the sleep quality. This means that this protein can be of great help to the Individuals having difficulties when falling asleep. Apart from boosting the sleep quality, collagen can help in reducing the daytime sleepiness. Additionally, this protein can improve your memory especially when you are in class or office.

Improving athletic performance

Some of the amino acids such as glycine and proline are helpful in repairing tissues, boosting recovery and reducing swelling especially after a taking part in a vigorous sport or an exercise. Its supplementation is also helpful in reducing risks on the tendons, ligaments, and other muscles. Moreover, its glycine and arginine content is useful in improving the performance of athletes by restoring their muscle mass.




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